Do you ever have one of those days or weeks that you feel super busy, and you’re running around getting things done, but you don’t really have much to show for it?

I’m having one of those weeks. I am getting caught up on the heaping mass of laundry that piled up during my Olympic coma.

Both boys have been fighting a cold and Harrison had to stay home on Monday so we went to Ikea. I picked up that “missing” basket and a few other things for the play room and we bought a bed (a story for another day). But between driving there and back (about an hour each way), shopping, playing in the play kitchen, checking out (35 minutes? seriously?!), coordinating delivery, and having lunch with my guys, that day was done.

I’m in party prepping mode for Harrison’s birthday party on Saturday. Honestly, that snuck up on me. I’m keeping it simple – ie: I’m letting Target do most of the work – but still, there are things to be done. I can’t believe he’ll be three!

After all that, I have less of a laundry pile, a bunch of furniture/stuff to assemble, and a group of bags full of party supplies, and still a house to clean!

See what I mean about not having much to show for ALL that effort?

Ah well… Some weeks that’s just how it goes.

And hey! Just for funsies I wanted to tell you that I’m loving the Waterlogue app I told you about a few Fridays ago. How sweet is this picture of Foster sleeping in the Boba last week?

Painted in Waterlogue


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