Foster – Eleven months

Dear Foster,

February was a short month but it was jam-packed with activity. Now that you’re crawling you’re really interacting with the world around you. Exploring the world and showing us your interests by being able to move around and get to what you want. You’ve also shown us a few new tricks this month. You’re clapping, waving, cruising around the tables and couches and learning to push the walker toy. And your adventurous side is showing.  The first time we put you in front of the stairs, you just went for it and climbed up with only a little bit of help. We may have some baby-proofing to do in the near future!

And because you can move around and get to the toys that you want to play with it has become pretty obvious that you have a favourite. You love the 3 in 1 Zebra ride along/scooter toy. You love to sit up there, press the buttons and watch the lights. Your balance is getting really good just by sitting up there.

Your adventurous side is not limited just to what you can get into, but what you’ll eat. You’re easy to please which is making my life easy. This month you tried pizza and I couldn’t believe the speed with which you devoured it!

You happily cheered along with me for the Canadian athletes at the Olympics. Well, at least you tolerated me for those 16 days. More than once I startled you as you were playing with my um… enthusiastic cheers. You just seemed to roll your eyes and then went back to playing. During the Olympics we travelled to Cornwall to visit Nana and Poppa and you were once again a great travelling companion.

You were a bit fussy over the weekend, but it was all for a good reason. Your third tooth popped through on Family Day Monday, much to your and our relief. But there’s no rest for the wicked! By the end of the month your fourth tooth had cut through too. I hope you get a little break because although you really are a champ when it comes to teething, you’re a little more drooly, a little more runny-nosed, and you understandably lose some of your great appetite and you’re just not your regular happy self.

We also celebrated your brother’s birthday a little early and made a trip to the indoor pool. There was a great wading area that was a perfect height for you to just sit in the water and take in all the action going on around you. You loved it and just splashed and chilled out in the pool with everyone. You’re a little fish!

We’re entering our last full month together full-time and I’m planning to make the most of it. I can’t wait to see what adventures we get up to this month, and I’m just hoping I can keep up with you.



Foster at the party

Olympic ready

Foster bear

zebra rider

sleeping baby

pizza monster

crawl about

laundry helper

11 months


One thought on “Foster – Eleven months

  1. What a guy! What a mom ! He will be more daring than Harrison was at that age because he’s learned from observation from a 3 year master.

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