Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone!

I feel like I’m coming down with a bit of a cold, so I’m not sure if the projects I have planned for the weekend will get off the ground at all. Hopefully it’s just a 24-hour cold. Yeah… those exist, right?

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? I can’t believe the series is coming to a close. If you’re a fan, check out these emotional tweets from the cast and crew about the finale.


Some women are bride-zillas. Others don’t take themselves (or their wedding) too seriously. As evidenced by these hilarious yet honest RSVP cards.

A really great article about getting your partner healthier.

This is crazy. Technology is so cool. An app that gives us the ability to read extra fast. The future of how we read perhaps? You need to check this out. (You can try it for yourself!)

kids and pets

Recently Harrison has been talking about wanting a dog as a pet. Wednesday he told Husbandman that he wanted a dog, that dad should have a rabbit and that I should have a crocodile. Yesterday when he asked about having a dog, and I told him that yes, some day he could have a dog he replied, “Mom, when I’m 21 can I have a dog as a pet?” We already have two cats who he loves and some day, when we want to go totally crazy we may just add a dog to the mix. This is why kids need a pet. Warning: Seriously cute photos.

The world as seen by a tiny little Lego man photographer.

Love everything Emily does over at JDC but I always look forward to the art prints. And Spring has arrived. Well, the spring essentials art print has at least.

And even though the forecast is telling me its warming up to a balmy 0 degrees Celsius this weekend I’m itching for spring weather and thinking about spring cleaning. Apartment Therapy’s The “It’s Almost Spring” Home Refresh Plan and A Bowl Full of Lemons’ the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Plan shall be my guide. Eventually. When the snow melts. And the sun shines. And I can finally get outside and take our Christmas decorations down without snapping my frozen fingers off. (Cringe!)



One thought on “Friday Finds

  1. Love this post! Thanks for the cleaning plans and the photos are so cute. We are finally on the current season of HIMYM after plowing through the other seasons and it’s getting a bit weak. It’s time I’m afraid for it to end. I’ll have to just get hooked on something else!

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