A sign that anyone can draw

As you may have guessed, some of the chalkboard labels that I picked up at the Dollar Spot ended up in the play room.

The scallopped chalkboard labels were the perfect fit and perfect solution for labelling the bins on the bottom shelf in the play room.

baskets with chalk labels

This was so simple. Its just peel and stick. So that’s what I did.

closer view

Then came the part where I had to draw on the labels. I thought that drawing a picture would be the best route for now since Harrison and Foster can’t read yet. Harry is working on it, but for the sake of the boys and their playmates I opted to try my hand at illustrating what goes in each bin.

I put them through the trial last night and asked Harry what goes in each bin and he got them all right. Proving that anyone can do this, because my drawings are by no means complex, or very good for that matter. But they seem to have gotten the message across.

Chuck toys

For the Chuck toys I tried to do my best free-hand impression of the Chuck logo, since I was fairly certain no rendering of Chuck himself would do him justice.



A few of the labels are already a bit smudged, but I’m trying not to fuss about it. That’s what will happen, and the great thing is, I can just do it again.


It was a little tricky to do any complicated drawings too because the label was relatively small and I was using an actual regular sized piece of chalk. I’m sure I could’ve been more precise with a chalk pen or some other tool. But like I said, Harrison got the picture. See what I did there?


So that’s another little project off the list for the play room.

Here’s an updated play room to-do list:

  • Get another basket for that fifth spot on the second row next time I’m at Ikea
  • I’d like to replace the white open baskets (that you see overflowing with stuffed animals) and get a large basket to store stuffies and hard toys that don’t fit into one of the cubbies
  • Add a reading nook with some chairs. Maybe make some bean bag chairs myself? (That would be a test of my sewing skills!)
  • Add art to the space and a place to include the boys artwork
  • Add labels to the bins and baskets so that the boys know which bin to look in when they’re taking toys out and definitely so they know where to put them back! UPDATE: Not sure what I’m going to do about the baskets yet!
  • Change the light fixture. Husbandman wants something that looks like a spaceship. We’ll see.
  • Maybe include a table or an easel for doing artwork in the space?

PS: Spring? I’ll believe when I see it. The forecast here today has the F-word in it… light flurries.


5 thoughts on “A sign that anyone can draw

  1. Hey! Love those labels. I would have bought some if there were any left. You could always use white crayon if you want it to look like chalk but not smear. I don’t label my straw baskets at work and the kids know what goes in them. There didn’t seem to be an easy way to do it so I didn’t bother!

    • Chalk is a good idea, but we may not use those bins for what’s currently inside them forever so I like the change-ability of the chalk. As for the baskets, I’m sure I’ll come up with something!

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