Friday Finds

Hey! It’s Friday and the first full day of spring. What more could you ask for? Well… maybe some warm weather? But how about some awesomeness from around the web because it doesn’t look like the weather is planning to warm up any time soon – around here anyway!


Hey, look! The Modern Family house is for sale. 

Yum! Brie and blackberry grilled chicken sandwiches

Pinterest is awesomely inspiring in so many ways. Sometimes it inspires us to bite off more than we can chew in the kitchen. Like these hilarious baking fails!

This guy on Wheel of Fortune gives new meaning to the phrase (haha) “lucky guess”. Wow! (video)


Dads, we salute you. Sometimes you make the simple things, like getting the kids dressed, look really hard. Daddy dressing fails.

Hilarious blog post about what it would’ve been like if our great-grandmothers had had Twitter and Facebook when they were young mothers.

This dog is not allowed on the bed, but his owner had a hunch that maybe while he’s out the dog breaks the rules. The video evidence is adorable. 

I like me some decor, and I like me a deal. So I like this roundup of 10 Resources for Free Art

Have a great first weekend of spring! I hope it’s a good one.


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