The rest of the room

As you know we’ve been sprucing up the play room in our basement for the boys. Well, I’ve never shown you the rest of the very large room. So, come on down and let me show you around, because it’s next on my hit list.

come on down

You enter the basement from the hallway near our back door/mud room and the whole room is fully carpeted.

bathroom door

At the bottom of the stairs to the right is a 3-piece bathroom. If you turn to the right (to where you can see past the wall) you’ll see that we have our treadmill down here along with two storage closets. I’ve got plans for those closets down the line, but right now they store extra dishes and glassware, some games and other odds and ends.


The door that you see in the above picture leads to a cold storage area that runs behind the bathroom and is quite large.

desk area

Beyond the treadmill is our desk area. It is in desperate need of an organizing session. Nothing like having to move it around and paint to have an excuse to take everything out and start over!


But the main use for the space (besides the play room that’s nearby) is to watch TV and movies and entertain friends.

couch with TV

You can see the wires hanging down running to the TV and to the speakers. We have a project in mind for hiding those. If you follow me on Instagram you might’ve seen that a few weeks ago we picked up a big piece of that project. A 4-8 sheet of maple. More details to come soon! You might have also noticed the large patch below the TV. We had a little shelf mishap in which a shelf that was supporting our centre speaker jumped off the wall and left a few really nice holes. So we’re in the process of repairing those in preparation for paint the walls and our TV cord-hiding project.

couch with coffee table

You can see above the chair on the right (that first lived upstairs in the family room) that while we were filling holes we filled a few more from where our TV used to be. When we first moved in we had a different couch that made the room make more sense oriented differently. But this is definitely a better layout and we have the right pieces to make it work.


And here’s a closer shot of our fireplace. I love how large it is, but we’re not loving how it is just floating there on the wall. We’re undecided yet on what to do to help that situation but as our plans evolve we’ll keep you posted. There’s some stone on the mantle that we thought could work for facing. Our friends just did their fireplace in this stone and had some left over for us to test out. Turns out the colour of the stone that we love so much is almost a perfect match for the paint colour we chose. Sounds great, but we think it would actually be too close to look good.

The basement is large and it has taken as a long time to find a layout that we really like and that is really functional. That’s why after more than three years in the house we’re finally ready to take on this big guy. There’s the play room, the TV area, the “gym” and the office. And so many spaces need help. Where to start? The walls need hiding. The TV wires need hiding. The fireplace needs something. The office needs organizing. The window treatments have GOT to go!

But, one thing at a time. Painting’s up first. And now you’ve seen… the rest of the room. If you don’t get that reference you haven’t listened to enough talk radio. But don’t worry, that was really just for my dad, anyway.



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