Friday Finds

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyy!

So, I’ve been a little busy lately. I had a crazy couple of weeks in the lead up to my return to work. Sickness spread through our house, Foster’s birthday party and Christening, oh yeah, and return to work prep (batch cooking etc.) So you’ll excuse me while I’ve been away. Right? I’m glad you’ve been checking in on me while I’ve been gone. Sorry there’s been nothing new to look at in so long.

There’s lots I want to share with you guys but blogging has just taken a back seat to being exhausted taking care of the family and just staying on top of regular life stuff. But, just because I’ve been gone doesn’t mean I haven’t been hoarding awesome stuff to share for my triumphant (you be the judge) return to Friday Finds. I love sharing regular life updates, the newsletters to the boys, and of course our DIY and home update adventures but more than anything people tell me how much they love (and even look forward to) Friday Finds. So I’m going to try to get my act back in gear to at least bring you Friday Finds every week.


octopus print

So we’re pretty smitten with this print. Going to have to figure out where to put this guy somewhere in the house.

I love this modern boy’s room. So chic and lots of fun!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so here’s a round-up of a couple of gift guides for your shopping pleasure. A Thoughtful Place, One Fine Day, The Handmade Home and Indigo. And I’ll just add that I’m crushing on this scarf  and if there’s such a thing as a clothing crush I have one on this hoodie.

scuba hoodie lulu

Since Harrison has developed his love of dinosaurs I’ve learned a lot about them. And so much has changed since I was a kid. Some of the theories about these creatures are just so fascinating. Like… check this out!

Why you should learn to sew already! (The Handmade Home) and a cautionary tale about pattern placement.

I’m no expert, but I’m taking it one project at a time. And if you learn to sew, you’re gonna need some fabric. Luckily for you, Kelly has rounded up the 25 best places to shop for home decor fabric online. My two favourites are and Tonic Living. I just placed a order yesterday.

How to be a great host. Some great tips!

We (like the rest of the planet) wait not so patiently every week for the next episode of Game of Thrones. What would your Game of Thrones name be? Mine’s Queen Heatheria Baratheon The Kingslayer!

True Facts About the Owl (prepare to laugh)


I did’t know what a promposal was until I saw this. (get your tissues ready)


Whew! That about does it. I hope that somewhat makes up for my absence. If you ever see something on the web that you think would be great for Friday Finds then just drop me a line. And if you’re ever missing me over here, don’t forget to find me on Instagram for a mini photo fix.

Have a great weekend!








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