Friday Finds

Better late than never! Another week that threw our best laid plans for a loop. Both husbandman and I were sick with the flu at.the.same.time. It was the worst! We rebounded quickly though and managed to finally finish painting the basement. I’ll have pics for you soon. I love it and I’m so excited!


I feel I need this bag and then I need to plan a getaway.

I laughed so hard at these. The photos are priceless but the captions rival their silliness. 100 most important cat pictures of all time.

Big news in our house this week! Scientists have discovered a new dinosaur. And they gave him a great name.

Last week I posted about some octopus art that I found. And this week, a new DIY take on large scale octopus art. Is Octopus the new fox in home decor?


I just bought this shirt for Harry.

I love these simple and inexpensive updates for sprucing up the front door.

That’s it! Have a wonderful weekend. If you’re a mom I hope you have the most wonderful Mother’s Day and are appreciated for all that you do for your family. I’ll try to post again next week to catch you up on basement progress.


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