Friday Finds

Hope you all had a great  couple of weeks. We had a busy long (Canadian) weekend. Packed full of family, friends, some gardening and half-decent weather. Warm weather is still being shy in this part of the world. We get one warm day or two, and then its back to cold. If you’re celebrating a long weekend in the US this weekend I hope you have a great one. And hey, if you have some downtime check out what I’ve found around the web in the last little while.

Funny celebrities have funny kids (and funny stories to tell). Here’s an amusing round-up. Amy Poehler’s is my favourite.

Speaking of celebrities one of my faves is apparently moving. Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos have put their 7000 sq. ft penthouse up for sale (It’s sold). Check it out.

And if you’re in the market for a house but the well-appointed 5-bedroom penthouse in Manhattan isn’t your thing (what?) perhaps this Star Trek themed mansion is more your style. All yours for a cool $35 M.

star trek house

Looking for something random and awesome? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s 20 hedgehogs that should fit the bill.

Meanwhile in Canada… perhaps the most Canadian thing that has ever happened. (Video)

I think I’ve decided on this fabric for the curtains in Harry’s room. I bought a swatch and he approves. Ha!

Pretty sure I’m going to have to try making these Lemon Raspberry Yogurt Pops this summer when raspberries are in season. I can’t wait.

And since summer will probably, hopefully, eventually make its way here I’m seeing bathing suits everywhere. I love ASOS bathing suits. Especially this one (pictured below), and this one and this one. Now I just need to work on my beach body!

asos bathing suit

You didn’t think I’d leave you without some videos, did you?

Selfies around the world. So beautiful. So fun. I’m jealous!


The president of the United States goes out for a stroll. It was caught on video.


I hope that kept you busy for a little while. I’m looking forward to a weekend that has a great forecast, Harry’s first soccer “game” this weekend, and a little gardening. And two of my very best friends just had baby boys this week. I’m hoping I can squeeze in a snuggle or two with them some time soon. Have a great weekend!





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