Friday Finds

Can you believe it? I’m even squeezing in a Friday Finds for you this week before my holiday.

Speaking of vacation, I ordered two new bathing suits from Victoria’s Secret last week while they were having a sale.

The knockout bandeau (in green)

The getaway halter (in black refracted geo)

This is a bit old, but I thought it was still worth sharing for its comedic value… an infographic of the best and worst “first pitches” in Major League Baseball.

I love Jones Design Company and everything she does. Last week she shared her tips on how to organize your iPhone home screen. Love it!

Can’t wait for spring so I can wear bare legs again, and I might even buy myself this gorgeous skirt.

gap flare skirt

I love this nursery.

This cat cracks me up.


And of course, I couldn’t let this Friday go by without some Valentine’s day links. I have a serious crush on Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show has created some “Fallontines” for the big day. The fourth one cracked me up. (It will make sense if you’ve seen this interview in which he finds out that he went on a date with Nicole Kidman)

Gotta love Etsy to come up with the awesome and the quirky. I almost got this card for husbandman this Valentine’s day, but we decided not to get each other cards. (And also, I didn’t order in time).

etsy valentine's card cute butt

I also liked this one, and this one. And would definitely believe it if I was on the receiving end of this one.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Have a great week!



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