Another New Year

Happy 2016! It seems the new year always seems to bring me back to the blog. There’s just something about a fresh new calendar that makes me want to start everything over, pick up old (good) habits, and start the year off right.

And 2015 was a big and busy year for us. There’s so much to recap so I’ll spend a post doing a full recap of our amazing year, but since I’ve been gone so long I thought I’d share a few of the highlights so you know what’s in store.

We had new hardwood floors installed in our family room to replace the old carpet.

We updated our powder room on a budget.

We removed all the remaining wallpaper in the house (powder room, family bathroom and laundry room) and did small updates in each of those rooms.

The Pats won the Super Bowl!

Husbandman and I went to Cozumel

Harrison turned 4.

We started house-hunting!

Foster turned 2 and our niece was born on the same day!

We decided to not buy an old house, but build a new one.

Husbandman and I went to Hawaii

We sold our house.

We not-so-patiently waited for our new house to be built.

We took a family vacation to Nova Scotia.

Harrison started school.

More house anticipation.

A jaguar and a cow were the costumes of choice for Hallowe’en this year.

More waiting for the house and packing up the old one.

House day!

Our nephew Jack was born!

Our annual Christmas Open House (3 weeks after moving into the new house)

Christmas mania

A trip to Punta Cana with the family to cap off the year and ring in 2016.

Some of these will require their own post (or posts),  but I do want to try to catch up since there’s been so many exciting things to share.

What’s up with you? New babies? New houses? New jobs? Tell me all about it. Let’s catch up.






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