Harrison’s Third Birthday Party

It’s hard to believe that my little peanut turned three years old this weekend, but he did and we celebrated with some friends and family to mark the occasion.

By request, we put together a dinosaur themed birthday party for him. If you know Harrison at all you know that the theme is not a surprise choice!

He said to me the other day, “Mom, I love every dinosaur of the whole world!”. Yes he does.

watering hole

Most of the credit goes to Pinterest and the wonderful bloggers and event planners who gave me such great Pin-spiration, and of course Target who had some of the goodies ready to go.

Since this was a morning party there was just a table laid out with a few snacks to tide people over before pizza lunch. I ran some wrapping paper down the centre of the table to act as the runner and then spotted the table with some of Harry’s many dinosaur friends. The pitcher was later filled with apple juice. The drink station was labelled the “Watering Hole”. For all the paper goods I used the free printables in this package found here.

table set

The pretzel sticks are labelled “Dinosaur Bones” and the cake “Cake-asaurus”.

As for the rest of the decorations I kept it pretty simple. I hung a happy birthday banner that I found at Target near the front door. I’ll be able to use it over and over again for many birthdays to come.


I also swapped out the pictures at the front door for Harrison’s birth announcement and a recent picture of him that I had printed. And his triceratops pillow made an escape from his bedroom to welcome guests to the party on the bench.

Harry says station

I also set up a memory station that included this memo board of some of Harry’s many memorable quotes from the time he was two to now. On the table I included about 60 photos of Harrison over the past year for people to browse as well.

dino egg hunt

We started the morning with a little game for the kiddos. I figured that they’re getting to the age that actually doing something organized at the party could be fun. So I set up a little dinosaur egg hunt and hid two eggs for each kid around the house. The timing couldn’t have been better. All the Easter stuff is already in stores. I found a huge bag of empty plastic eggs at Target and amazingly there were eight colours in the bag, one for each child at the party. So two eggs of each colour were filled up and hidden around the house and then I had one egg of each colour in a bag and the kids picked a colour out of the bag. Then they had to only search for their colour egg. This allowed for each child to get two eggs  and there was no fighting over who got more or who was the fastest. Everyone got to find two. I think it worked out well.

We then let the kids play in the play room for a while before letting Harry open the presents before lunch.

card as a gift

Harrison was totally spoiled. There were so many great gifts for him. He’s been itching to play with all of them. Even some of the cards were kind of a toy too, like this one from Gramma and Grampie!


Foster got Harrison a bike helmet which he was pretty tickled about. What a thoughtful gift for Harrison!

bike reveal

But the helmet was a bit of a hint at what was to come. And after all the presents were opened Husbandman rolled out our gift for Harry. We got some good advice from friends who have older kids or about the same age and decided on a balance bike for Harry. He helped pick out the colour that he likes to call reddish orange.

And Husbandman timed the oven pizza perfectly and it was ready to come out of the oven as Harry “opened” his last present.

And after lunch, well, it just wouldn’t be a birthday party without candles and cake.


When I saw the Happy Birthday candles at Target I knew just what I was going to do with them. That is, I knew what I wanted to do with them. I had this vision of the candles being the spikes on the back of a stegosaurus. I immediately thought that Rice Krispie squares would be perfectly pliable (to the best of my abilities) to shape into my best version of a stegosaurus. Just one minor little detail of a problem. I had never made Rice Krispie squares before. And even though it required a little troubleshooting (I had old marshmallows that wouldn’t melt) the cake turned out great… eventually. I had to make a run to the grocery store for new marshmallows to make it work, but I think it looked great. It definitely tasted delicious and Harry seemed pleased. He asked for the “H” pieces.

goodie bags

And once cake was shared it was time to say goodbye to our friends. I packed up a little goodie bag for each of the kiddos. Everyone got one of those squishy dinos, a glow stick, an activity pack, a fruit roll-up, a piece of side walk chalk, a stamp pen and a little popping toy.

We kept it simple but Harrison had lots of fun. And I enjoyed myself too since there was no stress! (Except for the little marshmallow hiccup the night before)

Can you believe I’ve never made Rice Krispie squares before? Any parties in your future? I’m already back in party planning mode because somehow Foster is turning one in just a few weeks!


Harrison’s HGTV-Style Room Reveal

I’m back and I’m not sorry that I didn’t post at all last week. We had an amazing family vacation. We managed to cram in lots of activities, but also had lots of down time to relax. We visited with family, attended a wedding, and had absolutely beautiful weather the whole time. When we returned home I packed up again, or maybe just half unpacked, and piled the kids into the car for a fun day at the Toronto zoo. So the lack of posts just means an abundance of awesome family memories and good times for me. But don’t worry, I’ll spill the beans on all that good stuff soon. But, first let’s get to some unfinished business. I didn’t have a chance to finish up the video of Harrison’s room reveal before we left for our vacation (did you know it takes a long time to “prepare” a video in iMovie?), but I’ve done it now, so here it is.

It’s not every day that you get to do a room reveal (at least I don’t), so I thought it would be fun to keep Harry out of his room after a certain point in the process so that I could show off a more finished version to him and there would be some anticipation and surprise. The last time he’d been in the room the walls had been painted, but there was pretty much nothing else in the room.

Note: My iPhone stopped filming shortly after starting because I had run out of space on my iPhone. Oops! I have since dumped my photos and videos into iPhoto so I can keeping snapping.

There’s still lots more to do, but I think he likes it!