Harrison’s Room – The Plan

Well it is March Break and the boys are at Nana and Poppa’s for a week of fun, so it is about time that I show you what I have in store for their rooms while they’re away.

Foster’s room will end up looking a lot like  Harrison’s “big boy” room in our previous house, with a few additions, and obviously a different shape and size. So let’s talk about Harrison’s room.

As I mentioned in the last post, I had found bedding for Harrison’s room and it was on sale at The Bay (now on clearance!)so I snagged it up while I could. He’s really into hockey right now, so I’m going to try to incorporate that into the room with some temporary and/or inexpensive accents and I’m planning a pretty neutral palette in the hopes that the room will be able to grow with him for a long time.

Curtains have been a sticking point for me. As you can see, there’s two options on the board above. I really like the rugby stripe because I think it’ll keep the room looking youthful, but those ones are from Pottery Barn Kids and are $109 USD per panel! I was hoping to find something at a lower price point. The other option I found at Urban Barn and they’re a bit more formal and grown-up and still also $79 per panel. So… I continue to hunt for a bargain. Maybe the decor gods will be with me when I hit up HomeSense.

I ordered the Stripes around the Cube Bins in yellow from Land of Nod and am not-so patiently awaiting their arrival. I have ordered these before in different colours and they fit perfectly in the Ikea Kallax (and formerly Expedit) shelving that has a home in each of the boys’ rooms. The hockey pillow is from Target.

A while back I picked up some white wire shelves/bins that I found at HomeSense to begin to corral some of the books/paper that is now coming into Harrison’s room from school. I think that’ll be great for beside his bed.

The first step is to paint the rooms in an eggshell finish (which I talked about back here), so that we can start to put furniture back, hang curtains and put art and decor on the wall and un-boring the rooms once and for all!

I have one lingering design/function question for all of you. I was thinking about putting a desk in Harrison’s room. What do you think? Do your school-aged kids have a desk in their room? Or do they do work/homework elsewhere in the house? Do you think a desk in a bedroom would just capture clutter? Let me know what you would do.



Nursery reimagined: What if it’s a girl?

I love the nursery we pulled together for Harrison. It was intended to be gender neutral and I personally think it definitely is.

But I was talking to someone the other day about what I was having (ie: boy or girl – we don’t know) and it got me thinking about the nursery and would I change it if we had a girl.

The plan is to keep the nursery in the same room. Sprout will inherit this room, and Harrison will eventually move to what has been our guest room since moving into this house and he’ll get his “big boy room”. If Sprout is a boy, I doubt I’ll make many changes to the room, but if Sprout is a girl, I don’t think I could help myself from injecting a little bit of pink to make it uniquely hers. I don’t really know why, but there you have it.

And so, I’ve been pinning a few girly-type things on Pinterest and decided I’d come up with a board to show you just what I’m imagining should the birthday come and we bring home a baby girl.

Baby girl nursery

A lot of the elements will remain the same. The chair, the crib – all the furniture, the elephant hamper and quite importantly, the paint colour. What I’d play with is the fabrics in the room (the three squares on the right). The biggest one being used for drapes, the other two for accent cushions. And possibly swapping out or adding some wall art (the three squares on the left). Those little canvas prints are from Target and are cute and affordable. Easy swap I think. And since this would all have to happen after bringing home baby, easy is a must!

So what do you think?

Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen…

Except in your mother’s washing machine. At least that’s what one of my grade school classmates used to say.

Blue and green have been on our minds quite a bit around here lately. We’ve been thinking blue or green for our nursery. The room in the house that is going to become  our nursery is currently already a bright lime green. Actually it’s Sherwin Williams’ “fusion”. Thanks former owners for leaving us all the paint!

I will admit that this particular green is a bit too bright for my taste and even husbandman thinks it makes people look sick when they’re in the room, but that hasn’t deterred us from considering a different shade of green.

Since we don’t know if we’re going to meet a little girl or a little boy we want to keep the room somewhat gender neutral. How is blue gender neutral? Well I think blue is a nice soothing calming colour and if we are about to welcome a little girl we’d add some pink or coral accents to the blue version of the room.

We’ve been humming and hawing about which colour scheme to choose. So I put together these mood boards to help us envision the space and inspire us into making a choice. We’ve even been having friends who visit us vote for the one they like the best.


Some pieces of the room are already determined as you can see them in both colour schemes. Our crib that we bought for $70 on Kijiji is a kind of honey oak colour – a little lighter than the one you see in the green scheme. The rocking chair is the “San Marco” made by Ashley Furniture. It is really comfortable and fully reclines. The chair is also upholstered in a synthetic fibre that looks like leather. Very wipeable! We also purchased the white rattan elephant laundry hamper from Home Decorator’s Collection. I’m not sure yet if we’ll use that for dirty clothes or for storing stuffed animals and baby toys. One item that’s not represented on the boards is our 2 by 4 white Expedit bookcase from Ikea, but it will also be in the room.

So what do you think? Blue or Green?