Harrison – Three years old!

Dear Harrison,

It’s been about six months since your last newsletter. And a lot about you has changed, but at the same time so much seems the same. I guess it just feels like you’re growing into yourself more every day. You’re still a loveable, friendly, happy-go-lucky, dinosaur-loving, talkative munchkin.

Let’s talk milestones shall we? After September whenever anyone asked you how old you were you always said you were two and a half. You never forgot that extra half. It was very important to you. September had beautiful fall days and we got outside to play and go for walks quite a lot.

In October you started at a new preschool. It was a big adjustment for you. I must admit it took me by surprise that you had trouble going from a home daycare to preschool. Not because I didn’t recognizes the differences, but because you’ve always been so adaptable, and really quite brave when it comes to meeting new people, and visiting new places. It was completely heartbreaking dropping you off those October mornings. Every day I would hear back that after a short period of sadness you were happily playing and having a great time. But more than once, I wanted to just put your coat back on and take you home. Or not leave the house at all due to your pleading. More than once I went to the car and cried myself. Over time of course drop offs became routine and no problem. You were eager to see your friends and teachers in the morning. You continue to thrive at preschool and have made lots of friends. You’ve been able to explore so many new things in this environment too.

One of your favourite parts of going to preschool was a field trip that was planned for the pumpkin patch. You got to ride a school bus to the pumpkin patch. I think that might’ve been your favourite part. You also got to trek into the corn field, take a ride on a tractor-pulled wagon, and even got to pick out your own pumpkin in the patch. You were totally in your element. You still talk about various parts of that morning as you remember them. Sometimes you remember riding the bus, sometimes going into the corn and sometimes, picking a pumpkin the size of your head (as per the instructions)!

And your memory is absolutely amazing. You remember things like your field trip, the long names of dinosaurs, things people have said, past events, and the little details of every day. Sometimes you remember things that I’ve forgotten. And your ability to make associations is truly astounding to me. This morning we passed a cement mixer on the expressway. You pointed out that we had passed it. I told you it was because he was going “so slow, because he’s big and heavy”. You responded with “Yeah, like a stegosaurus”, because we’ve learned from your many dinosaur books that the stegosaurus was a slow moving animal, but we haven’t talked about that part of stegosaurus in a few weeks. Not to mention, you then added, “he has a walnut”. Which means he has a walnut-sized brain. Yep. You’re right. We’ve learned that in your books, too. I told you that he didn’t have a big brain like you, and you responded “Yeah, I know everything”. Some days it sure seems like you do.

So if you haven’t guessed, your love of dinosaurs has just expanded over the last six months. You love to read about them, you love reading through your dinosaur flash cards and rhyming off their multi-syllabic names like most adults can’t!

But your love of animals doesn’t stop just at dinosaurs, you still love all animals. In November we took a great family trip to the new aquarium in Toronto. You loved going through the tunnel and watching the sharks and other animals swim above us. After we returned you often talked about taking your favourite people to the aquarium, often promising friends and family that you would go together. You’re so kind!

You’re still loving your swimming lessons. You are always asking about when your next lesson is. I’m so glad you love to be in the water. And this winter you and I started skating lessons. You didn’t exactly love it at first. You did really well at the first lesson enjoying the newness of the experience. The few lessons after that included lots of yelling at me that you wanted to go home, and a few tears. You didn’t really like the falling part that comes with learning to skate. Of course, we kept with it and you were skating without my help in just 7 short weeks. You were getting up on your own, spinning around, hopping on the ice, and bending over and picking up toys. It was hard to see you struggle with it because you couldn’t see the great strides you were making each week. It was so hard to explain to you that you were a natural when you were sitting on your butt on the ice. I knew you had it in you though!

As far as the last few holidays go, they’ve all been great. We spent a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend at Nana and Poppa’s. You helped pull veggies in Poppa’s garden, and picked apples from his trees. It poured rain on Hallowe’en so we just hit up a few houses on our street before I decided that we were all too wet go any farther. It didn’t matter to you. You loved that everyone was handing out candy. And you loved being Buddy the Dinosaur from the TV show Dinosaur Train.

In the fall we hit up two parades, both the Oktoberfest parade and the Santa Claus parade to kick off the holiday season.

We spent Christmas as a family of four at home. Your dad and I want you and your brother to have memories of Christmas at home, just like we do. And maybe you won’t remember this Christmas (or maybe you will – your mind is like a vault), but I will always remember this very special Christmas, our first as a family of four. It was so fun to see you come downstairs on Christmas morning to find your train set that Santa brought you. You had all the joy and exuberance and excitement that I could’ve asked for. You were so fun to watch. You wanted to play with everything as you opened your gifts. The hardest part was trying to keep you focussed enough to keep opening presents before getting to play with everything. After the gift mayhem at our house we went to Gramma and Grampie’s house in London and had Christmas dinner with the family there.

You are a highly quotable child and I’ve been keeping a record of the awesome things you say in your quotable book, but one of your favourite catch phrases lately has been to say “Sure!” or “Sure is” or “Sure does”. You sound so grown up when you say that.

All in all, I’d say you have it pretty good, little buddy. Here’s a day in your life: In the morning you usually wake up by calling for me. Usually you say, “Mom, is it morning time?!” And repeat at increasing volume and urgency until I’m in your room. Then, if you’ve woken up at what we deem to be too early to get out of bed, you usually snuggle up between your dad and I and watch a show on our TV. Your favourites right now are Busytown Mysteries, My Big Big Friend, Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood and Chuck the Truck. After a show (or two depending how early you woke up), we head downstairs for breakfast. Your favourite breakfasts lately are “circle toast” ie: toasted English muffins with PB and J, “sugar brown” aka instant oatmeal with brown sugar on top, and usually one day on the weekend we have pancakes. Your favourite is when I make banana chocolate chip. You’re also a fan of dad’s egg mcmuffins.

On school days we then scurry upstairs to get dressed and then out the door. Sometimes if I’m tending to Foster you get to play or watch a show before getting your gear on to get out the door.

After school seems to be a blur of 4 hours. I leave the house to pick you up and moments later it seems to be 8 o’clock! After school you and your brother usually play while I put dinner together. Your favourite dinners right now are make-your-own-pizza, chicken wings, shawarma with Greek salad – you LOVE Greek salad – and you’ve been known to like a chicken McNugget Happy Meal. You always, always, always, ask for dessert, so if you’ve had a good meal then you get a little dessert after dinner. At Christmas we invented a game called the M&M game in which everyone at the table picks a colour of M&M and then we pop them out of the bag one at a time. The person with the most of their colour is the winner. But you always get to eat them all!

After dinner we usually have a family dance party. Your favourite song for dance party time is the quirky “What does the fox say?” by Ylvis. You absolutely love it. You sing it all the time. I love watching you dance. Your dad has taught you the upside down turtle “move” which you love. You also love to make a penguin parade around the room, and during the Olympics we even created some sports-themed dance moves for the events. You’ll have to ask your dad to show you the ski jumper some time. You still sometimes ask us to do the bobsled.

After dance party you and I “race” up the stairs. Somehow you always win. Every night you ask “I wonder why I’m so fast?”.

Our bedtime routine consists of getting you into your pyjamas, reading a couple stories or reading through your dinosaur cards, and then a bathroom break/brush your teeth. After you climb back into bed we have a family “huggle” where your dad and I give you a hug after you’re tucked in. On a good night, you go right to sleep or talk to yourself a little before drifting off to sleep. Other nights you press your luck and call on us for every last thing in the book.

It’s a pretty good day. I love spending my days with you. And even though those last few hours seem to fly by they’re some of the best times. Our family dance parties are epic, if I do say so myself.

The last three years have been epic. I’m so looking forward to seeing you grow more into yourself each and every day.



blowing out my birthday candles

First day of preschool

thanksgiving parade

sums it up


Foster – Eleven months

Dear Foster,

February was a short month but it was jam-packed with activity. Now that you’re crawling you’re really interacting with the world around you. Exploring the world and showing us your interests by being able to move around and get to what you want. You’ve also shown us a few new tricks this month. You’re clapping, waving, cruising around the tables and couches and learning to push the walker toy. And your adventurous side is showing.  The first time we put you in front of the stairs, you just went for it and climbed up with only a little bit of help. We may have some baby-proofing to do in the near future!

And because you can move around and get to the toys that you want to play with it has become pretty obvious that you have a favourite. You love the 3 in 1 Zebra ride along/scooter toy. You love to sit up there, press the buttons and watch the lights. Your balance is getting really good just by sitting up there.

Your adventurous side is not limited just to what you can get into, but what you’ll eat. You’re easy to please which is making my life easy. This month you tried pizza and I couldn’t believe the speed with which you devoured it!

You happily cheered along with me for the Canadian athletes at the Olympics. Well, at least you tolerated me for those 16 days. More than once I startled you as you were playing with my um… enthusiastic cheers. You just seemed to roll your eyes and then went back to playing. During the Olympics we travelled to Cornwall to visit Nana and Poppa and you were once again a great travelling companion.

You were a bit fussy over the weekend, but it was all for a good reason. Your third tooth popped through on Family Day Monday, much to your and our relief. But there’s no rest for the wicked! By the end of the month your fourth tooth had cut through too. I hope you get a little break because although you really are a champ when it comes to teething, you’re a little more drooly, a little more runny-nosed, and you understandably lose some of your great appetite and you’re just not your regular happy self.

We also celebrated your brother’s birthday a little early and made a trip to the indoor pool. There was a great wading area that was a perfect height for you to just sit in the water and take in all the action going on around you. You loved it and just splashed and chilled out in the pool with everyone. You’re a little fish!

We’re entering our last full month together full-time and I’m planning to make the most of it. I can’t wait to see what adventures we get up to this month, and I’m just hoping I can keep up with you.



Foster at the party

Olympic ready

Foster bear

zebra rider

sleeping baby

pizza monster

crawl about

laundry helper

11 months

Foster – Ten Months

Dear Foster,

The story for January, your tenth month, was all about the weather. I mean it was cold. See – CBC, National Post, CTV. On January 6th 32 cms of snow fell! And that was just the start of the snow and cold in January. But hey, this is Canada and we’re a hearty bunch so we did get out a little bit. Albeit, not that much. I will admit that I was planning our day around how many times I’d have to get you out of the car and into the stroller. If it was more than twice something got dropped to the next day or left as not important.

Around the beginning of the month we switched you into your new car seat. You were just pushing the size limits of the infant car seat so it was just easier to install the new one rather than continuing to guess if you’d hit the limit. Let’s just say, you didn’t love the new seat at first. I don’t know if it was because it was cold from being in the car or because it fit differently, but it was a struggle for about two weeks every time we got you in.

We did however, get out and about and bundled up. And everywhere we went people commented on your hat. Yup, that silly green hat is the topic of much conversation. Is it a dinosaur? A dragon? A monster? Someone even commented on your cute little frog hat. It was confusing, but one thing everyone agreed on was that it was cute, and you were even cuter.

At the beginning of the month you were still going backwards with your commando crawling, but you learned to harness it and figured out that your targets should be behind you. This has made you a much happier baby. By the middle of the month you were crawling forwards a couple steps up on hands and knees and then down to commando crawling. Then one day you were just up and on the move. I think you get faster every day.

Your newfound ability to move seems to have given you a new perspective and sense of adventure. We put the mattress in your bed down, so that you didn’t start climbing out, because you’ve started to pull yourself up on everything. It’s so fun to watch you explore the world from a different view. Harrison doesn’t always think it’s so great. Especially when you mess up his train tracks or knock over his tower. You’re both learning how to play together.

I can’t believe it, but we’ve started thinking about me going back to work. I’m trying to put that stuff aside and just enjoy my last few months with you. And you’re making it so easy. You’re quick to smile, love to cuddle with me and sit with me, and never want me far away. Don’t worry Bean Sprout, I’m not going anywhere.



the hat

bundled up

Foster playing

Foster climbing

ten months

Foster – Eight and Nine months

Dear Foster,

This newsletter is a little overdue. The lead up to and the Christmas holidays (aka December) were so busy that I didn’t get time to sit down and write to you about all the awesome things we did. So here it is now.

November was all about new foods for you. You continue to be a great eater munching down pretty much anything I put in front of you. You love sweet potato, eggs! and blueberries, but don’t love everything sweet. You still shudder at bananas and other sweet fruits like mango.

When you started trying to pick things up I knew it was my cue to start giving you Cheerios. And just as I suspected, you love those little morsels. And now even when I’m feeding you something else, you demand to have Cheerios on the tray at all times so that you can sneak them into your mouth between my spoonfuls. You are a tyrant about it, really.

In November we took you to the Santa Claus parade as your first Christmas-related outing. We had great weather and you were a champ as usual, just hanging out in your chair or with me or your dad.

You love playing peek-a-boo with your blanket and even seem to know when we want you to play by responding by hiding when we tell you to. You’re such a clever boy!

We also had a great family day at the end of the month and the four of us went to Ripley’s Aquarium and to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto. It was a lot of fun and you enjoyed watching the fish swim by and all the bright colours.

November was also the month that you started your efforts at crawling. You’re getting up on hands and knees, and you know that you’ve gotta get going somehow, but for November, just rocking back and forth.

December was certainly full of events and as usual you took them all in stride. More new food, lots of friendly faces, and you just took it all like a champ.

I took you to work for my work Christmas luncheon and you enjoyed the turkey and mashed potatoes. And you were a good boy at our open house too. Playing with and smiling for our many guests.

December also kicked off a good streak of sleeping through the night. You were doing pretty well until we headed to Nana and Papa’s and you slept in the front room. The silly snow plough kept waking you (and me) up at 5 am!

Speaking of Nana and Papa’s we spent 10 days there before Christmas and had some crazy weather. Lots of snow, lots more snow, and some freezing cold temperatures. Down to the -30s with the windchill! Brrr. We kept you bundled up and didn’t go out much so you stayed cozy warm.

You had your first cold in December, too. A nose that just would not stop running. You took it pretty well, but did not like having your nose wiped. I don’t blame you since I had to wipe it about once every minute. I didn’t know someone so little could make so much goob.

At the beginning of December we also saw the first buds of little teeth pop through. You got your two bottom front teeth for Christmas! Thank goodness. You were a drooly, chewy mess before they popped.

And, of course, I can’t talk about December without talking about your first Christmas.

We took you to see Santa, and although you weren’t too sure, you kept it together and we had no tears. Just a few wary looks for the camera.

You and your brother were terribly spoiled, but it’s so fun to watch you play with all your new toys. Your face lights up when the toy does. Its so cute.

We drove to London on Christmas Day for Christmas dinner with Grandma and Grampy and Jason and Megan. We were spoiled again. And just as you always are, you were a great little traveller.

December was the month that you got on the move. To your dismay you could only move backwards. This was endlessly frustrating for me you, because you had a goal in mind but could only push yourself backwards.  You could see your target but just couldn’t figure out how to motor yourself there. You got yourself into some pretty hilarious positions, though. Like under the bouncy chair, under the side table, under the arm chair. Pretty much, under anything and then you’d get stuck and start to cry and we’d have to rescue you.

December was a really happy month filled with family time (since your dad had a nice long break from work, too) and so many wonderful memories. It’s one I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks, Bean Sprout.



aquarium trip


looking innocent


8 months old


a gift from Santa


Christmas at Nanas


trying to crawl


Christmas Eve


with Dad


Christmas morning


The very  hungry caterpillar


First Christmas


9 months


Two and a half!

Dear Harrison,

Where do I start? It’s been so long since I’ve written you a letter. Not to worry, we’ve been documenting your life in other ways with our camera and phones, on video and jotting down the hilarious things you say in your “quotable” book.

I guess the first thing to say is You’re so BIG! And you’re a big brother! It wasn’t until we took Foster home that I realized just how big you’ve grown. Your hands and feet (all normal sized) seemed huge compared to Foster’s little fingers and toes. You are such a good big brother. You often say you need to “check on Foster” because that’s what I say sometimes. Or if I say “it’s ok buddy” to him, you say it too. You’ve been helpful in bringing him a soother, or a blanket, or picking up a toy for him. You have the odd bout of jealousy, but for the most part you’ve adjusted well to having a little brother.

You have continued to amaze your dad and I with your language and comprehension skills. Your vocabulary is outstanding and you’re just a little sponge and you’re so inquisitive. Always asking me “why?” and “what’s that, mom?” or one of your favourite things to say for a while was “What’s that noise?”. You don’t miss much!

Last fall we welcomed Nana and Poppa home from their time in London. It was so great to see them – the last time they’d seen you in person you weren’t walking yet, and then you were not only walking but talking and understood the concept of “almost”. As in, I would say “Harry, are you finished your yogurt?” and you would respond correctly with “Almost”. So cute.

We spent our Christmas vacation in Nova Scotia. It was a fun family holiday. You hadn’t quite figured out the Christmas present part of Christmas so it was a wonderful innocent Christmas with you. You loved opening your stocking. We probably could’ve stopped there, but of course, you had a few more presents to open. You enjoyed helping everyone else open their gifts. The unwrapping was the most fun for you! Grandma at the Lake started teaching you some more colours while we visited using the Crayola box as a guide. So at the tender age of 20 months you could identify the colours Apricot and Turquoise.

We had lots of snow this past winter so we got out and played in it a bunch. Your little legs wrapped in snow pants and boots made it tough for you to get around, but you liked to ride in the sleigh. In January you also started learning your ABCs at daycare and could recite them pretty well with just a little help. Within a couple of weeks you had it down. Your dad and I were so proud of you.

In February Dad and I took a little trip away to rest and rev up for the arrival of your brother, so that meant you got to hang out with Nana and Poppa. They spoiled you, of course.

In March we celebrated your second birthday. We went to a reptile show and you absolutely loved it! You got to meet Shuffles the tortoise, Buttercup the python, and even held a tarantula! You were totally in your element. In every picture we have of that day you were the kid closest to the animals. You still talk about Shuffles. You’re our little David Suzuki. You love animals great and small and are so curious about nature. You and Papa talk about birds and he takes you on tours of his garden. It is so adorable to hear you recognize birds like cardinals, blue jays and woodpeckers. Grandma at the lake sent you a gardening kit and you loved to watch your pumpkin seeds grow.

And March was of course, also, our last month as a family of three. We celebrated Easter with Grandma and Grampy, Nana and Poppa, Uncle Jason and Aunt Megan and Marie for dinner on Saturday night. The next morning I was in labour.

We managed to find our way as a family of four through the Spring and really hit our stride as the weather warmed up. I had so much fun being off on maternity leave with you this summer because we could get out and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Luckily your little brother was happy to tag along so you could do your two-year old thing.

As I mentioned, your speaking skills are really great, and you catch on quickly learning to say “I” instead of “me”, and repeating big words like hippopotamus, and piliated. One thing that’s really cute that I want to remember is that you go through little phases where you seem to have a catch phrase. In March you loved to say “You’re my best friend”. It was so awesome to hear you say that I was your best friend, only to turn around and hear you telling daddy he was too. It got to the point that if someone wasn’t your best friend, that was bad news!

Other “catch phrases” have been:

Great job! (or Great job everyone!) One day I pulled into the driveway at daycare and you said “Great job, mommy! Good turning.” I’m glad you approve of my driving skills.

That’s ok.

Yeah. Oh well.

Does that make sense?

Is that a good idea?

Right, mom? or Right, dad?

Wednesday (everything happened on Wednesday)

Oh my gosh.

I’d like to but…

And then, there’s the roaring. You growl and/or roar when you’re upset. Sometimes you roar at someone, sometimes you just roar if you’re getting some anger out. Apparently your dad and grampy did this as kids. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

There’s so much I want to tell you and to remember, but there’s just not a great way to tell the story so first, I’ll promise to write more often, and now I’ll just list random awesome stuff about you.

You learned the alphabet, and the sounds the letters make, so now we’re teaching you to sound out the words so you can read.

You’ve mastered counting to ten as well. You can even count to five in Spanish.

You love to watch Dora and Diego (hence the Spanish).

You have moved into your big-boy room, and are doing a great job.

You’re potty trained, too.

You love chocolate anything and say it choco-late (like late for dinner)

You say computer like Q-pinter and banana like babana. I don’t know why these words trouble you when you can say much more complicated words.

You say Ta-dawn instead of Ta-dah!

You make up words just to be silly. You rhyme with other words to be silly, too.

You love books, and are really into puzzles right now.

My favourite part of my day is our drive home from daycare when we talk about your day and you blabber on about the day or anything you see. You say some really awesome stuff. It’s so great to get to see the world through your eyes.

You’re a great little swimmer. You can jump in the pool from the deck with your water wings on and pop up and swim to mom or dad. When you go under you call this going under the sea.

Your favourite breakfast has evolved from “sugar brown” (oatmeal) to Cheerios and milk to peanut butter and jam toast.

You’re into dinosaurs.

You think your dad is pretty great.

Mostly I want you to know that you’re sweet and kind, loving and so clever. You continue to surprise us every day. I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to be your mom – and some days – your best friend.






snack pirate


sammy birthday party

cool dude


catching snowflakes

birthday breakfast


birthday cake

first peanut butter

lazy day

planting with poppa



water baby

handy man

airplane sleep

Foster – Four months

Dear Foster,

Well! Just like that you’re not a little newborn anymore. On the Canada Day long weekend, it’s as if you just decided that you were done with all that newborn stuff, and you wanted to be a little baby.

You’re holding your head up really well now, and holding on when we hold you. You’ve been doing a great job sitting in your bumbo and even got to try the Jumperoo this month. To say you loved it would be an understatement. I’d never heard you giggle quite so much as when you first tried bouncing in that chair. It made me melt!

You’ve also learned to roll, and have rolled both from back to front (first) and then back to front. You don’t roll often, though. I guess you haven’t figured out the virtues of rolling and getting around on your own. We’ll call your first roll an early anniversary present to your dad and I as we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary the very next day.

We had a pretty busy month with a few play dates and park dates as well as our first stroller fit class, and your first swimming lesson. You like being in the water, though unfortunately the class time has been conflicting with your nap time. You are progressing well, though and adjusting to the water quicker every week. I love how laid back you are when we get to “hot pool time”. At one lesson you were pretty much asleep when I got chatting with one of the other moms. I don’t blame you kiddo. Hot tubs are for relaxing.

And of course, I can’t forget to tell you had your first trip to the zoo. You were a bit young to really appreciate the animals but you were there (along with Harrison) and you were a trooper. It was soo hot that day. I mean crazy hot, like 43 degrees in the shade hot. The air was so humid. It was kind of a crazy thing for us to do, but you just hung out in your stroller, and took it all in. I dunked your bucket hat into some water to keep you cool and that seemed to keep you cool and happy. Thanks for being such an awesome adventurer with me and (although you have no choice right now) following me and smiling all the while.



canadian cutie

squeeze me




four months

Foster – Three months

Dear Foster,

You’re getting so big, buddy! So big, I’ve put away all the 0-3 month clothing. You’re just so long. I’m glad it’s summer so I can put you in shorts and not pants that look like flood pants and like I’m a bad mother.

You’re getting stronger too. You’ve got much better control of your head and are holding it up pretty well. Good thing too because we start swimming lessons in the first week of July. You’ve also found your hands. Aren’t they amazing?! And you’re starting to do things with real intention, like reaching out for toys and turning your head to look around. It’s pretty uncoordinated intention, but that’s what makes it so cute.

You are really loving your play mat. You could lie and swat at that lion and elephant all day. When you get a hold of the stars hanging from the elephant the two of you have a standoff. You don’t quite know how to let go yet, and eventually you get tired and let him win let go.

Your dad was away on business for a week this month so I packed us all up and we headed for Nana and Papa’s house so they could help me wrangle you and your brother. We stopped in at Aunt Brenda’s for a visit on either end of the trip too so the car rides weren’t so long. You’re a great traveller, but boy do you dislike when the car stops moving. If you like to be on the move, I can’t wait to see what you’re like when you start rolling.

You’ve also taught us that you like to lie flat rather than be in the bouncy chair or even being held sometimes. Bending at the hips to relax? No thank you, you say. We’ve clued in – I imagine you’re thinking “finally I got through to these people!” – that you like to lie flat to sleep even for short naps so we’ve started putting you down in the play pen or on a blanket on the floor. And you love to sleep with your right hand up by your forehead as if you’re weary with the world. Yeah… you have it tough, kid. And it’s just so adorable, and a sure sign that you’re sleepy. I’m glad we’re communicating like that.

We celebrated Dad’s first Father’s Day as a dad of two. We had a nice family day together and snapped a few pictures of you and Harry with Dad.

You’ve been a great companion to me this month as we’ve gotten out a bit more. You were a champ when I took your brother to the splash pad. You just hung out in the stroller and then happily lazed on the picnic blanket during lunch. We also did some shopping at Yorkdale mall together. I hardly got any shopping done because everyone wanted to chat me up so they could get a good look at you. You’re sometimes reluctant to offer that first smile, but then you look at me and I give you the nod and then you make people melt when you flash your… well your gums.

In the looks department you certainly are a stunner! You are going bald though, as most babies who are born with hair do at your age. You’ve been looking around so much that you’ve worn a bald patch right at the back. It’s such a straight line. It looks like Harry took the clippers to you and got caught before he could finish the job. Let’s hope that doesn’t ever happen for real!

In July, we’ll be celebrating your first Canada Day, start our stroller fit class, and have our first swimming lesson. I hope you’ll love the water as much as I do.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us. I’m so glad you let me come along for the ride with you.






Father's Day

Three months