This weekend was another cold one so indoor projects and pj time was on the list. We crossed off an item that has been bugging me for ages! We finally hung the gallery wall in Harrison’s room.

The wall above the Expedit was definitely bare and in need of some “juhj” (juhj: technical design term for somethin’-somethin’)


The blank space was definitely crying out for some juhj.

gallery wide

I bought this White Gallery In A Box set from Pottery Barn Kids a little while ago when they were having a sale (it must’ve been a big sale, because I just saw the price!) I’m so glad the frames are finally up on the wall.

gallery close up

As you can see, we added our own items to the gallery as well by including the “H” that moved from the nursery into Harry’s big boy room, and the plaque that I have plans for too. You might also notice that not all the frames are occupied yet, and that’s because I hadn’t fully decided on the arrangement until installation time and I didn’t want to print the wrong size or orientation of photo for the wall.

newborn photo

rawr means i love you

I knew I wanted to include the photo of Harrison from his newborn shoot, and also the dinosaur print that I created for his room. Having those two items pre-set helped to limit the number of arrangement possibilities. Thank goodness!

side view

Now that the wall has been framed I can start flipping through old photos and try to narrow down which ones to print out for the honour of making it to the wall. Big thanks to husbandman for being so handy.


Dino’s attack

Harrison isn’t quite ready for a big boy bed yet. We still find him in all kinds of interesting positions, like pushed up against the rails, head tucked into the corner, random limbs hanging out the side, or this gem:

We moved the bear when we found him like this. After getting the camera of course.

But I couldn’t pass up a recent sale at Pottery Barn to snag the sheet set we’ve been eyeing for the peanut when he eventually moves into his big boy room and his big boy bed.

Husbandman and I love these awesome “Dinos Attack” sheets.

They arrived!

And with the arrival of the sheets in the mail, it’s got me thinking about what his next room will look like when he’s ready for a bigger bed, or we have to kick him out because of baby number two (eventually. Don’t get excited.)

If you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed I’ve been on a boy’s room rampage.

That sounds bad. I haven’t been raiding anyone’s room. I’ve been pinning lots of inspirational photos of boy’s rooms. Here’s what I’m liking.










As you can see they’re all over the map. Some actually have maps. I think what they all have in common is that they’re pulled together, lots of fun, and still have a lot of softness even though they’re little boys’ rooms. I hope that’ll help me chart the course. (Groan… Sorry I couldn’t resist.)

Something else for the nursery

I picked this up at Pottery Barn Kids on a trip down to the US. I’m still in search of a lamp shade for it. It was on super discount (50% off the lowest ticket price) so I scored this lamp with no shade for just $16!

I thought it was reminiscent of the Jonathan Adler Giraffe lamp that I’ve seen in a few designer nurseries and high-end baby shops. At $395 USD the JA version is a bit out of my price range. Score!

What do you think? Close? Or no cigar?